Two days of fantastic local artists &  

   bands will be performing on our   


Heather Music Festival, returns after 3 years!
Covid wasn't kind to the music and events industry. But here we are back, and looking better than ever. IT'S FREE ENTRY AND THE MUSIC WILL BE FANTASTIC!

There is a thriving live music scene in Leicestershire, which is why the Heather Music Festival was born in the first place. It attracts new audiences and gives music lovers the opportunity to discover new talent. Showcasing many genre – from classic rock, indie, pop, jazz, blues, reggae, country and acoustic acts – that is why our music festival has evolved to become a beacon for some of the best new acts from across the the County.

We will kicking off at 12:00pm Saturday 13th august where you can arrive to the venue and settle in for your first days session of live music. There will be sunshine.. honest we always book that first, food and drink supplied by this brilliant safe venue.


See you soon!​